How To Get Rid of Vape Smell

How To Get Rid of Vape Smell – Precautions to Purify Vape Smell

Vaping is fun, but the after effect, urgh, that smell. I know you can relate. Do you have similar issues? Do you even suffer from that constant lingering smell of vape? I have literally tried everything, like opened up windows, sprayed my perfumes, sat near the ventilation. But all failed. There is still the smell of vape that is very evident until almost 2 hours. Do you want to know how to get rid of the vape smell? Firstly, I want to clarify that I vape in my room and not outside/in an open place. So if you want tips to eliminate vape smell, then have a look at the article below:

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Is It Safe To Put a Damp Towel Up To a Heater

Is It Safe To Put a Damp Towel Up To a Heater? Myths Busted!

Dry indoor air is an instant turn off. But, at the same time, a heater is a necessity. So how do you ensure you don’t suffer from dry air at home? Is it even possible? Well, yes!

And, we are going to help you with multiple tips and suggestions for the same. 

The best way to do it is to use a damp towel. You can use it in hotels and homes without any problems. 

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How to Clean Chalky Plastic Lawn Chairs

How to Clean Chalky Plastic Lawn Chairs | Easiest Ways to Clean Chairs

If you have a garden or yard area in your house and don’t want to invest much in that, then plastic furniture is the best alternative. It is long-lasting and less time consuming when it comes to maintenance. However, due to long periods of exposure to dust, dirt, and sunlight, the chances are high that your plastic lawn chairs get dull after a few months. 

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