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How to Get Gum Out of Dog Hair – Remove Chewing Gum Out of a Dog’s Fur

Chewing gum is one of the ickiest and stickiest messes a dog’s fur can ever have! When your doggy sees a chewing gum for the first time, he may get curious and want to try it out. He may scratch it, bite it, or simply roll on it. During this whole process, if he sticks the chewing gum on his fur knowingly or unknowingly, then the next task is going to be tough. It’s not an easy process to remove gum from dog hair. There are undoubtedly some household remedies that may help you, but sometimes those are also not enough. In many cases, the owner has to clip the gum portion from the dog’s fur!

In this article, I have shortlisted some of the most popular ideas that help in getting chewing gum out of hair. If the gum is stuck into your dog’s paw, you have to be extra careful while removing it.

How to Get Gum Out of Dog’s Hair?

Method 1: Using a Blow Dryer


This idea is the simplest and the most convenient one. If you have a dryer, turn it on and keep the warm setting. Now direct the nozzle at the gum and warm it a bit. When the chewing gum is warm, it becomes pliable. This type of gum is more comfortable to remove from the dog’s fur. Don’t forget to maintain a safe distance while using the blow dryer. Also, it must not be set on hot settings to keep the dog skin healthy. It’s important not to scare him with the sound and the heat. 

Method 2: Using Warm Water

Warm Water

If your dryer is broken or you don’t have one, you can also get help from the warm water. Pour warm water on a washcloth and start massaging. Rub the wet cloth on the gum so that it breaks down. Keep a dry, fresh towel aside and wipe the excess moisture after the massage. After that, take a few drops of oil and apply it on the affected area. Use a comb to remove the broken chewing gum gently. It will likely come off in small pieces.

Method 3: Using Oils or Peanut Butter

Using Oils or Peanut Butter

I personally love this method. Here, you neither need a dryer nor need warm clothes. You just need some oily stuff such as vegetable oil, olive oil, or peanut butter. Firstly, take a few drops of oil in your palm. Grasp the chewing gum with your other hand, and apply the cooking oil onto the gum. Press a bit so that the oil can be diluted. After some time, take out a fine-tooth comb and start breaking off small pieces of chewing gum. You can always reapply the oils or peanut butter to remove the gum.  

Method 4: Using an Ice Cube

Using an Ice Cube

Many people use this idea to remove gum from their clothes or even hair. A dog’s fur is quite similar when it comes to getting chewing gum out of hair. To work on this method, you just have to get an ice cube and simply rub it until the gum becomes hard. Once hardened, start using your fingers and try rolling the chewing gum gently. You can also break the gum into small pieces and remove them. Just take care that you don’t start pulling his coat unknowingly. Keep repeating the process until the chewing gum is completely removed.

Method 5: Cutting the Dog’s Fur

Cutting the Dog's Fur

If, after trying all the methods mentioned above, you are still unable to remove the gum, you may need to use blunt scissors to trim the affected area carefully. This process may leave a small bald spot, but you should not worry about it as the coat will soon grow back. Forget about everything else and remove the gum from your pet’s fur as soon as you notice it. Chewing gum may cause skin irritations and problems, just like hair mats. So, don’t take chances.

At Last, A Soothing Bath!

Soothing Bath

After completing your tough job, apply a generous amount of dog shampoo or any other mild shampoo on that particular portion and give him a warm bath. Rinse thoroughly and comb his coat just like you do on any other day. It is essential to get rid of any oil residue on the dog’s fur. So, kindly pay extra attention to the affected area.

The Bottom Line

Well, the best way to protect your kiddo’s fur is to keep gum away from him in the first place. You may not know that even the sugar-free gums contain artificial sweeteners that are toxic for dogs! So, always remember to throw your used chewing gum directly into the garbage can after wrapping it in some tissue papers. Keep all gum out of reach to protect him from tasting it or sticking it stuck in his coat.

Oh ya, don’t forget to give your dog his favorite treat for his silent cooperation once he is de-gummed. 😉

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