How To Get Rid of Vape Smell – Precautions to Purify Vape Smell

Vaping is fun, but the after effect, urgh, that smell. I know you can relate. Do you have similar issues? Do you even suffer from that constant lingering smell of vape? I have literally tried everything, like opened up windows, sprayed my perfumes, sat near the ventilation. But all failed. There is still the smell of vape that is very evident until almost 2 hours. Do you want to know how to get rid of the vape smell? Firstly, I want to clarify that I vape in my room and not outside/in an open place. So if you want tips to eliminate vape smell, then have a look at the article below:

How To Get Rid of Vape Smell?

There are several ways to get rid of the vape smell, but one of the most efficient ways to quit vaping itself indoors. Yes, I know it is difficult for you all, but you need to understand that the constant smell of flavors will result in a very foul smell for the other person visiting your house or enter your space. Still, if you wish to vape indoors, then below are some of the ways that you can use to get rid of the smell

  • Purify your space with Air Purifier

Purify your space with Air Purifier

You must have known until now that having an air purifier is all beneficial. From the car, washroom, to even areas with a foul smell. You can invest in a long-lasting air purifier. There is another article that will tell you about the top 5 air purifiers for vaping. So if you are interested in getting rid of this vape smell, then do purchase an air purifier and use it after every smoke session. 

  • Try out with the Aromatherapy


Now this one is very much dependable. Aromatherapy means lighting up scented candles that have a fragrance of different essential oils and lit by a burner. People much love these candles. It is actually a stress-reliever these days. But it mayhappen that if the vapor smell will be very strong, the scented candle may also not work well. Also, there are possibilities of a mixture of flavors and result in a complete failure. But you can try this way too. 

  • Always Keep the Windows Open 

Always Keep the Windows Open

Whenever you use vape or any other smoking method, make sure you have proper ventilation. Like, try to keep the exhaust fan on or keep the windows open. By doing this, you are circulating the airflow, and thus there will be less chance of vape smell to survive in a particular area. Also, remember not to leave residue on windows or your house as this is a complete waste and creates dirt to your place. If you want to keep the house clean and tidy, then make sure you do not leave smoke ash or residue on windows or in your house. 

  • Less Food Has Less Smell

Less Food Has Less Smell

Are you wondering why I am saying this? Okay, now imagine the fragrance of a fully veggie-loaded pizza, chips, and other fav dishes. Now when you vape, the flavor of it mixes with the food. The vaping smell is not that strong, but as it gets mixed with other strong fragrances, the smell thus lingers for a long time. Thus never mix two aggressive scents with each other. 

How to Clean Vape Residue Off Windows?

How to Clean Vape Residue Off Windows

As stated above, it is very normal that the residue of vape remains in your house and window sashes. So how to clean it? Well, it is very easy and comes under your routine cleaning only. Like if you are vaping in a room then, make sure you clean the corners very well. Clean the window area nicely with every curve and edge. Double-check your house if there are any particles or residue still lingering. You can clean it with normal cleaning detergent. You can also use a flavored detergent and make your house smell totally fresh again. 

Bottom Line:

There are no such necessary [precautions, but there are these few things you need to take care of. Keeping your house clean is very simple but removing that vape smell isn’t. Follow the steps mentioned above and comment below, which worked well for you.

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