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Best Eames Dining Chair Replica – Top Rated Eames Chairs In 2021

The Eames dining chair gets its inspiration from the iconic Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel design dates back to the Eames chair empire that was known for comfort and style. The chair is available in numerous different colors to go with just about any home décor. However, the catch is that the original Eames chair can set you back a few thousand dollars.

Why is Eames dining chair so expensive?

You already know the answer here. The biggest reason behind the hefty price tag is the style and comfort that the chair guarantees. It is seriously one-of-its-kind with pretty much no other chair coming close. Another reason is the demand. Eames dining chairs have a lot of demand due to their legacy and popularity. It is a matter of pride for many to own a set of Eames dining chairs.

Best Eames Dining Chair Replica

If you cannot afford these spectacular chairs, you don’t have to feel sad about it. The online world is a beautiful place that has answers to pretty much everything. There are multiple Eames chair replicas that you can buy instead. These are similar in design and can add value to your dining area in an instant.

1. Yaheetech Dining Chairs Replica – Upholstered 

Yaheetech Dining Chairs ReplicaThese are not an exact replica but they come very close. Inspired by the Eames Eiffel Tower design, these chairs will take you back to the mid-century while preserving the modern feel. Below are more details:

  • This is a set of 4 dining chairs, available in dark grey and white colors.
  • They have beech wooden legs that are sturdy and aesthetic at the same time.
  • The chairs have a protective padding at the bottom, made of felt cloth. This padding keeps the floor safe from scratches and damage. It also makes moving the chairs easier without creating noise.
  • You must assemble the chairs yourself but it is a simple process. The set comes with all the hardware you need including the screwdriver.
  • These chairs are exquisite, modern, and durable. They will accentuate your room and provide comfort when you use them.
  • Versatile design – can look good even in the living room
  • Durable
  • Cross-structure support
  • Not many color choices


2. Purenity New Aesthetic Style Chairs

Purenity New Aesthetic Style ChairsThese modern-looking sleek chairs keep the basic design and aesthetic of the Eames dining chair but they are not exactly the same. You will see a difference in their make and overall look. Read on for more details:

  • They have a streamlined design with an arm and a short back to provide support and comfort.
  • The chairs can really uplift your dining room thanks to their unique look.
  • They do not have the typical Eiffel legs of Eames chairs but the wooden legs are sturdy and protective. 
  • Another point to note is that they have more room than Eames chairs, allowing you to sit deeper and cozily.
  • The legs are made of American beech wood.
  • They are made of very strong plastic and have steel inserts.
  • Modern and unique design
  • Protective padding on the legs
  • Easy to install
  • No Eiffel legs


3. CangLong Dining Mid Century Modern DSW Chairs

CangLong Dining Mid Century Modern DSW ChairsHere’s one of our favorites! The CangLong Dining Chairs have a sectional form factor and are made of metal, plastic, and wood. They have the following features:

  • The chairs have been designed to be sturdy with high impact resistance. 
  • These are versatile chairs that you can use for dining, in the patio, living room, or office.
  • The legs are of Eiffel design and come with protective plastic pads. They prevent damage due to scratches.
  • The design of the seat is quite modern with a mesh pattern. This is the feature that can set your dining room apart from the rest.
  • They have a good center of gravity and are very comfortable.
  • The back of the chairs feels flexible
  • Multiple color choices
  • Very sturdy and modern
  • Not many users like the mesh pattern
  • A few users have found it hard to assemble


4. Furmax Mid Century Modern DSW Shell Kitchen Chairs 

Furmax Mid Century Modern DSW Shell Kitchen ChairsThe Furmax chairs come close to the original Eames design and are very aesthetic. They are made out of plastic and have wooden legs. A few highlights are as follows:

  • Their ergonomic design with a curved seat and back support make them very comfortable.
  • You can use them not just for the dining table but also in the office, reception, waiting rooms, bedrooms, and the living room.
  • The legs are made of real wood and come with metal connectors.
  • The chairs are molded out of durable plastic and have a matte finish.
  • They come with assembled legs, making installation a one-step process.
  • These are lightweight chairs that are easy to maintain.
  • Pre-assembled legs – very quick installation
  • Good price
  • Tall individuals may find them to be a little too short for their liking


5. Giantex Dining DSW Chairs Replica

Giantex Dining DSW Chairs ReplicaWho doesn’t like a little extra comfort? We all do! This set of Eames dining chair replica satisfies this additional desire. It comes with linen cushions for each chair, enabling you to use them for longer periods of time without problems. More details are below:

  • These are upholstered chairs made of durable plastic. The legs are carved out of solid wood.
  • They are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Their ergonomic design ensures comfort and a good posture together.
  • The seats of these chairs are quite roomy and the cushions are made of high quality linen. They will not wear out easily.
  • They also have a stable design thanks to slightly extended legs and premium gaskets. Both of them ensure strong support.
  • They come with an assembled leg frame.
  • Pre-assembled legs
  • Extra sturdy and comfortable at the same time
  • Additional joints for better connection
  • The linen cushion looks slightly flimsy



Comfort and design don’t have to come at a huge price. Eames chair replicas are a proof of just that. All the choices above will satisfy your desire for a mid-century touch to your home while going easy on your pocket. What else could one ask for? Explore the choice above and buy the design and colors that suit your décor.

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