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Best SmartThings Motion Sensor: Top-rated WiFi Motion Detectors of 2021

If you are working with SmartThings you should surely invest in a good motion sensor that can satisfy your need for a smart home. Want to know which is the best SmartThings motion sensor? We have got your back! In this article, we will tell you all about the best motion sensor for SmartThings and what to be expected from them. 

Motion sensors are required to monitor any movement in your house. They can help you to switch the lights on and off when you enter or leave a room, adjust the switch for other appliances at home and also notify you in case of any theft. The best smart motion sensor is one that can provide accurate information to you and can be customized. The advanced sensors we have now are pet immune, implying that they are adjusted so that they don’t pick false signals from your pet’s movement.

Now that you are aware of all you can look for in the best motion sensor SmartThings, let now go ahead to our list of the top-rated WiFi motion detectors that are compatible with SmartThings

Best SmartThings Motion Sensor

1. Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector

Ecolink Z-WaveThe Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Detector is the first on our list with an affordable price range and a sensor that is Pet Immune. The premium components on this device guarantee accurate and instant motion detection when the device is in automation mode as well as the security mode. These sensors can be adjusted to overcome pet interferences of up to 55 lbs so that no false alarms are raised.

  • It can be installed easily with flush mount and corner mount wall brackets.

  • It has five-year battery life.

  • This is a Pet immune mention detector.

  • A discrete design so that the device can go unnoticed when not in sight.

  • It is natively compatible with SmartThings among other Z-Wave home security hubs.

  • Some devices may turn hot frequently which can lead to false alarms.


2. BeSense Z-Wave PIR Ceiling Motion Detector

BeSense Ceiling PIRThe BeSense Z-Wave Ceiling motion detector works natively compatible with most brands of Z-Wave home security including SmartThings. These are to be mount on the ceiling. If you are unable to mount it at a height of 8 feet or higher, you might want to consider investing in a wall mount product. It comes with 2 AA batteries which can be replaced easily.

  • It is a lower consumption device with up to 2 years of battery working life.

  • This can forgive pet motions through 3 different modes that can be controlled by an internal jumper.

  • It features an anti-tamper alarm.

  • It is easy to set up and has a very compact size.

  • It has a simple push-button for pairing with the system.

  • The sensors have PIR technology that lets you monitor high movements in a smaller enclosed area.

  • You have only two options for timeout, 3 minutes or 5 seconds.

  • The hardware installation is difficult for some as the mounts and screws provided are very small to handle.


3. Aeotec 6 in 1 Multisensor with battery

Aeotec MultisensorThe Aeotec is one of the advanced multi-sensors on our list with sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, light, UV, and vibration. With so many sensors in one, this is one of the best buys. It works fine with certified Z-Wave gateways like Fibaro, HomeSeer, Indigo7, openHAB, SmartThings, and Vera.

  • It has a battery life of up to 2 years powered with 1 or 2 batteries or micro USB.

  • This multisensor can be installed anywhere in a corner, in-wall, on the shelf, or mounted on the ceiling with separate recessor accessories.

  • The temperature sensor is capable of measuring the temperature between -10 and 50 degrees Celsius accurately. 

  • The multi-sensor has a 5-meter range and a 120 degrees field of view.

  • There are no issues with connectivity and no dropouts.

  • If the configurations are changed it might affect the power consumption and network usage.

  • Some users face issues with light sensors.


4. Linkind PIR Motion Sensor

Linkind Motion SensorThe Linkind PIR is a wireless motion detector that has smart Zigbee LED lights. You can buy the sensor separately or choose the home security kit. Whichever the case, the products provided by Linkind are of reasonable prices. It is compatible with SmartThings and other Alexa smart systems.

  • It has a wide detection range of 110 degrees expanding up to a distance of 16 feet.

  • The PIR sensor will sense the movement in the field of view without disrupting the signals around.

  • It features a compact design and works wirelessly.

  • It has an anti-tamper bracket that allows the app to be alerted in case of any intentional removal of devices occurs.

  • Works great when paired with Linkind Zigbee lights.

  • Configuring with SmartThings takes a few extra steps.


5. FIBARO Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor

FIBARO MultisensorThe FIBARO Z-Wave Plus is the Multisensor on our list that is capable of sensing movement, temperature, light, intensity, and an accelerometer (vibrations). It is designed like a cat’s eye. This multicolor LED pupil informs the user of any movements in the room or the current temperature. This multi-sensor is compatible with most Z-Wave controllers such as HC2, HC Lite, Vera, Nexia among others.

  • There are 20 advanced settings to customize the sensor as per your needs.

  • It is very easy to install with a single screw on any flat surface. You can also use an adhesive or flexible mounting bracket.

  • The adjustable sensitivity levels can help you exclude the detection of movement of your pet animals.

  • It can be combined with other smart devices to adapt to your daily home needs for setting the temperature or turning the lights.

  • Some users have faced false motion detection.


Final Thoughts

Found the best SmartThings motion sensor on our list? All of these are premium motion sensors, each having its unique features. Jot down your requirements and choose one as per your budget. Remember that whatever you invest in your motion sensor is ultimately providing you the smart home that you have dreamed of. Install one in your home and stay away on vacation without having to worry about your home.

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