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Best Two Person Bathtub – Top Soaking Tubs Reviews of 2021

Even being at home, you can feel tired. Office work, household chores, tackling kids, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle make you wish to take a break and relax. The one thing that always pops in mind when you are thinking about relaxing is soaking in a bubble bath while sipping some wine, listening to music, or reading a book. If you feel like doing all this then having a luxurious house is a must; then you’re mistaken.

There is an excellent variety of soaking tubs available online, which look attractive, are sturdy, and price friendly. Investing in soaking tubs for two is smart as one can enjoy a comfortable bath as an individual or couple; also, it’s a great option if you have a bigger size. In this article, we will be discussing the main features of two-person soaking tubs available online. Also, we will be giving detailed information on every product, so choosing the right product becomes easy for you.

Best Two Person Bathtub

1. WOODBRIDGE 1518 Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE Freestanding bathtubFirst on the list is a trendy brand WOODBRIDGE BTA-1518, a freestanding acrylic bathtub. With the capacity of 55 gallons, this highly functional bathing accessory has a brushed nickel blended push pop-up drain. Another attractive feature in the WOODBRIDGE is the construction of the tub, which is acrylic on the outside, and fiberglass on the inside to give maximum insulation. All this helps the water stay warm for a longer duration. The tub has a broad and deep shape so one can comfortably relax to enjoy a soaking bath without twisting the body in an awkward angle. The tub is UPC and CSA certified with a five-year warranty and one-year limited warranty on plumbing pieces.

Key Features:

  • Though having a more prominent look, the WOODBRIDGE BTA-1518 is lightweight with a 55 Gallon.
  • Dual glossy acrylic construction will give you maximum insulation.
  • Brushed nickel integrated overflow & push pop-up drain, overflow & drain comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • The ergonomic design provided ultimate comfort while the built makes it the most durable tub in the market.


2. American Standard Soaking Bathtub

American Standard Soaking BathtubIf your hunt is for a two-person bathtub at an affordable rate, then invest in the American Standard Soaking Bathtub. This premium quality tub is 14 inches deep; the bath basin has a steel center with a glossy enamel top layer. Sleek look, easy to clean, bright white color, and durable material that keeps your bath water warmer for a longer time, this bathtub is the best investment you can make if you have a tight budget.

Key Features:

  • Durable, lighter, easy to install, affordable price, the American Standard tub for two is one of the most sought products with more than 100 reviews online.
  • The 14th-inch depth provides you soaking comfort and freedom to lie down in a comfortable position.
  • With a slip-resistant floor, you will never worry about falling and getting injured.
  • The glossy white finish on the outside gives it a sleek look.
  • The tub has a steel center layer making it leak-proof and superior insulation.


3. Empava EMPV-FT1518 67″ Two Person Bathtub

Empava Two Person BathtubThis standing tub can turn your bathroom look into one of those spa rooms you wish to go for some relaxing time. The Empava EMPV-FT1518 has a white glossy acrylic exterior and reinforced fiberglass that gives strength to the tub. One of the critical features of this tub is its overall classic design and three-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it a safe investment. The depth of the container is 15″, so even a bigger-sized person can slip in the tub easily and enjoy a soaking bath without twisting and turning. For a secure bathing experience, you get a non-slip surface and adjustable metal feet below the container.

Key Features:

  • The glossy white acrylic bathtub with 58.11 gallons capacity will give you a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home.
  • Great design and center drain placement; this tub is sturdy and keeps the water warmer for a longer time.
  • High on the look and built, even a 6-foot man can enjoy a good bath in the Empava EMPV-FT1518.


4. FerdY Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY Freestanding BathtubIf you like your bathtub to be deep, then the FerdY-522 is the deepest one in the loss with a 17″ depth and can store up to 86 gallons of water. Great looking from the outside the tub has a durable acrylic finish, non-toxic, and non-cracking material. The product comes with a two-year warranty, which is pretty good. If you don’t want to face water spilling as soon as you enter the bathtub, then this product is for you.

Key Features:

  • Ideal tub for two, the FerdY-522 basin area is 55.1″ x 27.6″, depth 15.4″, and stores 52.9 gallons of water.
  • Great design, the tub will look elegant in your bath area.
  • The product is cUPC approved and comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  • The bathtub is reinforced with polyethylene resin and fiberglass and has a stainless steel bracket bottom that keeps water warm for a longer duration.


5. MAYKKE Barnet Best Budget Bathtub

MAYKKE Barnet Acrylic BathtubThe last product on our list is the MAYKKE Barnet manufactured using pure acrylic material to give strength to the tub. This feature also helps in keeping the bathwater warm for longer hours. The best feature about this right-looking bathtub is its easy installation feature and simple way to level the feet, so it stands firmly on any surface. Store’s right amount of water offers comfort; this tub is the best budget bathtub you can find online.

Key Features:

  • MAYKKE Barnet comes in a dimension of 61 x 40 x 22″, 66 gallons water capacity, and depth of 17″.
  • The look of the bathtub is sleek and modern, but the stand-out point of the product is it’s incredibly lightweight.
  • The company offers a one-year limited warranty with the product.
  • Additional features are the optional-use flex tube drain, overflow trim, and leveling feet that keep it firm on any surface.


Final Thoughts:

Our main motto with the two-person soaking tub comparison article is to give you an idea about the bath basins available online with all their features explained in simple terms. I hope with this article, you will be able to choose the best two-person bathtub to get a luxurious spa experience at home.

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