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Vikrell Problems – Pros and Cons of Vikrell Products

Buying a BathTub can be a very challenging task as it takes a lot of research and analysis to decide on the material which is used for the Bathtub. Vikrell is one of the most preferred materials for bathtubs, but there can be Vikrell material problems. But Vikrell bathroom problems are ignorant because of the benefits it comes with that you can totally trust Vikrell for your bathtub material.

Vikrell Problems

Vikrell BathtubOne of the best ways to decide on the material of your bathtub is by choosing the pros and cons of the material used; therefore, we have mentioned the elaborated pros and cons of Vikrell material. Before Jumping onto the pros and cons, the first list lets us discuss the most commonly asked questions about the most preferred material, that is, Vikrell.

What is Vikrell?

Patented by Kohler Vikrell is a type of material used to make Bathtubs. When a bathtub is made of the Vikrell material, it means it is made of fragile fibers of glass, along with plastic. Therefore, we can say that Vikrell is a Hybrid of Fiberglass and polyresin. Fiberglass is the strength of the material, and the polyresin helps the material sustain the test of time. The bathtubs made of Vikrell look good and form an aesthetically pleasing image in your bathroom.

Why is Vikrell Material Good?

Vikrell material is considered one of the best materials used for making Bathtubs one can find in the market. The Vikrell material is affordable and can last more than a decade. It requires significantly fewer efforts for cleaning as the fabric resists stains. Also, a bathtub made up of Vikrell material does not need any extra hassle after installation, like caulking. 

Vikrell – Pros and Cons

Just like every other, The Vikrell material has its problems and benefits. Let’s discuss further if the issues with Vikrell tubs outperform the benefits of Vikrell tubs and decide if the Vikrell material is any good. 


  • Inexpensive: The Vikrell material is not very expensive, and almost anyone can afford to own a Vikrell bathtub and take their bathing experience to a whole new level.
  • Lightweight: A bathtub made of Vikrell material is very lightweight. In the future, it is easy to move as compared to other bathtubs made of different materials.
  • Long-lasting: A bathtub made up of the Vikrell material can easily last more than 10 years. The bathtub can be even used by generations. Therefore, a Vikrell bathtub usually comes with a ten-year residential and three-year commercial warranty, which can come in handy in the long run.
  • No caulking required: The pieces made up of the Vikrell material lock up and create a watertight seal; hence no caulking of any type is necessary to prevent water from spilling out. The Vikrell material can handle any amount of water you throw at it without cracking.
  • Stain-resistant: A Vikrell bathtub is made up of Fiberglass and plastic, and hence it resists stains. The hassle of cleaning every day can be avoided.


  • Prone to damage: A very heavy or sharp object can bring cracks to the Vikrell material. It’s not like you are going to put heavy or sharp objects in your bathtub but being cautious with heavy items around the bathtub. 
  • Can fade with the test of time: Vikrell material can lose its shine after some years. It won’t look the same as the day you brought it after some years. A regular Polish of the bathtub is a must to maintain the shine.
  • Not everyone can install it: It is not easy installing a Vikrell Bathtub at your place, and you might require some assistance if you haven’t done it before. A stage of cement for the bathtub must be created before placing it so that it doesn’t move or crack while someone is using it.


We have listed down all the pros and cons of the Vikrell material used for making Bathtubs. We could not find any concrete problem with the Vikrell material that could change our decision. It is clear that the benefits of owning a Vikrell bathtub are more than the issues with the Vikrell Bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Vikrell material?

Vikrell material is a hybrid of Fiberglass and plastic, commonly used to make lightweight and long-lasting Bathtubs.

2. Are Vikrell bathtubs good?

Vikrell is a durable and robust material; therefore, it becomes an excellent choice for bathtubs and showers. Also, it is waterproof. 

Usually, when someone goes out to get a bathtub, they can find bathtubs made up of various materials such as Acrylic, Porcelain on steel, Cultured marble, stone, and wood, etc. but the Vikrell material stands apart amongst all of these materials. 

With its lightweight and easy to handle nature, the Vikrell material is a class apart. It leaves all of its competitors far behind in the race for being the best material for bathtubs. The Vikrell material is one of the very few materials which can survive for so long without breaking or going out of order.

Weighing down on all the pros and cons next time you go for bathtub hunting, you should, without a doubt, pick the Vikrell material as your first choice. We are sure you won’t regret your decision.

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