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Can You Use Bubble Bath in a Jetted Tub – Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Tactics

Jetted tub owners are mostly advised to not use bubble baths. However, you can use a bubble bath in jacuzzi provided you follow the user manual and the correct instructions for the same. Here, I have listed a few tactics you can follow to ensure the correct way of enjoying a bubble bath in a jetted tub.

Can You Use Bubble Bath in a Jetted Tub?

Can you use bubble bath in a jetted tub? The simple answer is Yes. There are a few things to be considered for a jetted tub bubble bath. Let me browse you through them so you can do it correctly. You can draw a comfortable bubble bath in water or air-jetted bathtubs using all your favorite ingredients including soap solutions, bubble formulas, essential oils, and more. However, it is advised to not use bath salts or oils in water-jetted tubs. 

Water-Jetted Bubble Bath vs Air-jetted Bubble Bath

Water vs Air-jetted Bubble Bath

While the air-jetted tubs work fine with bath salts and bath bombs, the water-jetted tubs can be damaged due to the accumulation of oil residue and salts into the pipes of the tubs. The water-jetted tubs tend to take the water in the tub and flow it through a heated pipeline, and then circulate the same water back into the tub. In this case, there are chances of salts and oils also getting sucked into the water pipes and it getting clogged over time. Hence, one must only use soap-based bubble baths in jetted tubs.

For air-jetted tubs, the air from the surrounding is taken in and a stream of hot air flows into the tub water. Ideally, the salts and oils are supposed to be out of the air circulation system, but it doesn’t mean that they can never be clogged. In some cases, these salts have found their way into the pipes and damaged the operation of the tub. Due to this, some air-jetted tubs are forbidden for using salts and oils. You are advised to consult your user manual before using any of these in your jetted tub as it may result in a warranty void. 

Bubble Bath Formula

Bubble Bath Formula

The other thing to keep in mind while enjoying a jacuzzi bubble bath is the usage of a water-soluble bubble bath formula that produces low foam. For a regular bathtub with bubbles, it is fine to use a foamy solution as the bubbles would stay inside the tub as the water is steady. However, for a jetted tub the stream of water is continuous which can instigate the production of bubbles. This can easily result in the bubbles spilling out of your tub and spoiling your floor. You can use just a dash of the regular bubble bath solution, but even that might cause problems sometime. I would suggest you use jacuzzi safe bubble bath solutions to steer clear of any such issues.

Bubble Bath Jetted Tub – Aftercare

Jetted Tub Aftercare

Whether you use the jetted tub regularly or not, you need to make sure that the tub is clean of any soap buildup in the jets. Regularly cleaning your jetted tub would ensure a safe, hygienic, and relaxing bubble bath experience. You should refill your tub with warm water and then run it for 15 to 20 minutes so that all the tubes and surface of the tub is cleaned thoroughly after each use. You can also deep clean the jets in your jacuzzi by filling your tub with water to about 3 to 4 inches above the jets. Now add approximately 3 teaspoons of low foaming disinfectant and run your jet for about 15 minutes. Drain the bathtub and refill with cold water and run the jets again for 15 minutes. Drain your bathtub again and it is now free of any germs or soap scum.

Final Word

I hope I’ve cleared all your concerns and doubts regarding using a bubble bath in a jetted tub. Follow the simple rules stated above for the best bubble bath experience in your air-jetted tub or water-jetted tub. Also, make sure to deep clean your jetted tub at least once every month even if you don’t take bubble baths regularly. Deep cleaning of the tub ensures a safe and germ-free relaxing environment. 

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