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Air Tubs vs Jetted Tubs – Learn the Exact Difference

Are you planning to go for a tub shopping for your Christmas holidays? If yes, then you must be a bit confused about what to buy and what not! You will be wondering what air-jetted tubs are? Or what are jetted tubs? What is the difference between such bathtubs, and which one is better? Too much confusion, right? Don’t worry; we will explain to you how the air tub differs from a jetted tub and will also help you to choose the right one for your needs. First, let’s understand the basics.

What are Air Tubs?

Air Tubs

An air tub or air bath or air-jetted tub is a tub equipped with many holes or jets that blow air into the water. The air that blows inside the tub surrounds the bather with millions of massaging bubbles for a bubbly bath. The tubs are provided with adjustable jets to customize the force of the air pressure a bather wants.

What are Jetted Tubs?

Jetted Tubs

A jetted tub or water-jetted tub is a tub equipped with water jets installed in it. It is designed for therapeutic purposes. The jetted tub, also known as whirlpool tubs, features water jets that boost water, particularly on the bather areas that benefit him from hydrotherapy.

Now let us learn the difference between Air tubs and jetted tubs.

Air Tubs vs Jetted Tubs

At first look, you will not be able to see the difference between the air tubs or jetted tubs. But when you look at both the variants carefully, you will be able to see the differences. We have tried to list out a few differences so that you will be able to make a choice.

1. Jet Mechanism

In an air tub or air bathtub, the jets shoot out air from the bottom of the bathtub, whereas in jetted bathtubs, the air jets are installed on the sides of the tub, and they force the water at high pressure for therapeutic purposes.

2. Sensation

Both the tubs help in massaging the body of the bather. The air tubs tend to create a mild, whole –body bubbling sensation that results in a relaxing effect on the skin, giving a soothing massage. The air tub shoots out millions of air bubbles that provide gentle soft tissue massage than jets of jetted tubs. Many people prefer this effervescent sensation over the high pressure jetted water jets.

In contrast to the air tubs, the jetted tubs have powerful water jets associated with hydrotherapy. They offer deeper, targeted massage to the people suffering from chronic pain or athletes suffering from sore back and shoulder muscles. This whirlpool hydrotherapy tub also helps in improving the blood circulation that is important for diabetes and arthritis pain. The jetted tubs have several settings to adjust the pressure of the jets.

3. Maintenance

Air tubs are easier to maintain and keep clean than the jetted tubs. They are self-drying and hence self-cleaning. So you need to occasionally make the jets dry run, to clean and maintain.

On the contrary, maintaining jetted tubs requires a little bit of effort. The jetted tubs need periodic cleaning according to the manufacturer’s directions. They have to be cleaned with a disinfectant, bleach, washing soda, etc. to clean the mold and mildew grown in and around the jets’ piping.

4. Costing

In terms of cost, air tubs are a little bit more expensive than the water jetted tubs. One can find water-jetted tubs starting around $500 and air-jetted tubs starting from $1200. If budgeting is the primary concern of yours while shopping for tubs, then you can keep these prices in mind. 

Final Words – Air Tubs vs Jetted Tubs

So that’s a few essential differences between air tubs and jetted tubs. We hope you understood the difference between the two bathtubs from the above article. Depending on your preferences, such as cost, sensation, and maintenance, you will be able to narrow down your choice and decide which option is the best for you.

In the end, we would say that neither air tubs nor jetted tubs are better than each other. Everything depends on your lifestyle and needs, and considering those factors; you will be able to make your decision and enjoy your luxury bath.

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