Ring Chime Pro VS Wi-Fi Extender

Ring Chime Pro VS Wi-Fi Extender: Find out the Difference Here!

Ring chime pro’s Wi-Fi extender feature does not make it an ordinary product for extending internet coverage but rather the latest innovation made from cutting edge technology in connecting Wi-Fi to a doorbell, ring camera, and nightlight at the same time. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi extenders are simply products that help in providing internet coverage to the required area according to its bandwidth.  This article aims to provide you with the critical features of both products that will help you best differentiate between the two.

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Occupancy Sensor VS Motion Sensor

Occupancy Sensor VS Motion Sensor – Know The Best for LED Lighting

Sensors have become a common thing in houses with the trending smart home era. Most newly built homes try to adapt to newer technologies to ease their living. This has made motion sensors a common thing and has also become synonymous with occupancy sensors. Before I highlight which is the best for LED lighting, let me first tell you about motion sensor vs occupancy sensor.

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Air Tubs vs Jetted Tubs

Air Tubs vs Jetted Tubs – Learn the Exact Difference

Are you planning to go for a tub shopping for your Christmas holidays? If yes, then you must be a bit confused about what to buy and what not! You will be wondering what air-jetted tubs are? Or what are jetted tubs? What is the difference between such bathtubs, and which one is better? Too much confusion, right? Don’t worry; we will explain to you how the air tub differs from a jetted tub and will also help you to choose the right one for your needs. First, let’s understand the basics.

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