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Best Electric Toe Kick Heater – Top Under Cabinet Heater of 2020

Toe heaters are ideal for warming up the cold areas of your house without occupying much space. When you live in areas where there is no way to heat the rooms or bathrooms, it becomes mandatory to have an electric toe kick heater. Such heaters are available as self-contained electric units, or the hot water coils are connected to an existing boiler system. This way, they all work, and both these types allow you to control the temperature and other fan operations.

An electric toe kick heater itself is an entire unit and installed in the same way. You can mount it beneath your kitchen cabinet, staircase, or under the bathroom or wardrobes. It can either be wired to operate with your primary heating system or can also work independently with its thermostatic control. Many people get confused while reading the toe kick heater reviews because of its technical features. In this article, we have listed the top five heaters and explained their specifications in the simplest way possible. 

Best Electric Toe Kick Heater

Kickspace Heaters

Firstly, let’s understand what features to compare before ordering a toe kick heater. Here we are giving a few points you can keep in mind.

  • Which type of toe kick heater you need for your homes or offices.
  • How much power you will require according to your space.
  • How much area your electric toe kick heater will cover.
  • Whether the heater has a built-in thermostat or not.
  • Which kind of safety system the heater company provides.
  • What is the actual size of the product, and how much space it will take.
  • How many years of warranty your product offers.

Types of Kickspace Heaters

There are mainly two types of toe kick heater available in the market. One is an Electric Toe Space Heater, and another is a Hydronic Kick Space Heater. However, there are various safety systems that heaters offer, such as dual overheat protection, high-temperature safety shut off feature, thermally protected motor with auto shut-off, blower shut off, etc. 

If you go generic, then there are many types of heaters such as space or patio heaters, infrared, oil, or gas heaters, ceramic or fan heaters, panel or baseboard heaters, bathroom heaters, personal heaters, garage, greenhouse, or propane heaters, and many more.

Top Under Cabinet Heater of 2020

1. Dimplex Under Cabinet Heater

Dimplex Under Cabinet HeaterBecause of its discreet design, the Dimplex RKHA20D31MC Kickspace Heater can fit in those spaces where no other heater can be placed. You can simply install this product under your kitchen or bath cabinets and utilize your valuable floor and wall spaces. You can also install it in the soffit area or into the stair risers. Find the soffit area above the cabinets. The existing users suggest installing this heater with a long grill to cover the existing cutout. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Dimplex RKHA20D31MC is specifically designed to fit under the kitchen, cabinets, or bathrooms to provide warm, comfortable air to the cold floors. It can save your valuable floor and space because of its small and convenient design.
  • The users love Dimplex products because of their durable life and best services. It offers flexible wattage output from 450 to 1800. The box is 22.5 inches long and 9.5 inches deep with white, black, or silver grill.
  • The thermostat is not included with Dimplex RKHA20D31MC Under Cabinet Heater. You can buy the built-in thermostat separately. Get CKHATD13 for the single pole or CKHATD23 for the double pole.
  • It can warm the floor without significant renovations. You just need a wall thermostat kit, and you are good to go. Take the maximum advantage of unused space with a discrete and effective heating solution.
  • This heater is made from metal and weighs around 9.40 pounds. Because of its wall-mounted installation type, it is easy to fit it anywhere. Get this Kickspace Multi-Color and 3.5-inch heater with an optional trim kit of 450W-1800W at a very reasonable price from Dimplex.


2. King Toe Kick Electric Heater

Toe Kick Electric HeaterKING is a famous brand making such types of appliances from the past 60 years. Talking about this particular product, King KT1215-MW-W narrow profile and multi-wattage heater is only 3.5 inches tall and can be set in any spare space. It is specifically designed to fit under kitchen or bathroom cabinets to provide warmth conveniently. This product is backed with 1-year of limited warranty.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The company offers multiple wattage options so that you can accommodate the heater with your specific heating requirements. This item provides NiChrome Open Coil Element for quick heat transfer.
  • Its design is reliable and trouble-free. The Patented Smart Limit Protection automatically turns off the power if the heater puts itself in an unusual event or overheating. It can be reset manually for safety purposes.
  • This heater is easy to install and convenient to use. It is UL certified for the USA and also suitable according to Canada standards. The users love it more because Zonal Heating Systems save money.
  • Its efficient Squirrel-Cage Blower Design keeps this heater silent. Even if your house is small, this heater will not disturb you all. It can efficiently heat the area of 150 sq. Ft. without disturbing your peace of mind.
  • The optional KTG-24W Retrofit Grill allows for easy replacement of older kick space heaters. Also, to maximize room comfort and energy-saving efficiency, it is suggested to get a King Electric line-voltage thermostat along with this product.


3. Marley Electric Toe Kick Heater

Electric Toe Kick HeaterAlmost everything in your kitchen is full of appliances. Be it a cabinet, your kitchen wall, or basement/den; each space is used. The toe-kick heater, on the other hand, can be set where no other radiator fits. Marley QTS1504T Electric Toe Kick Heater can be recessed into toe-space areas such as utility room cabinets or the soffit area above them. You can also set such heaters into stair risers or under the bathroom vanity.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It is quiet. Unlike other heaters, it doesn’t irritate the users with the annoying sound. Its tangential blower provides smooth airflow with minimal noise and maximum output.
  • Its steel-fin design can help the product to stay active and appropriate for a more extended period. Its unique design and commercial-grade elements are making the heater accessible among the customers.
  • An integral, single-pole thermostat is standard when it comes to this model. It provides floor-level warmth whenever you need it. Set your desired temperature and get even heat in an unobtrusive package.
  • The unit has two over-temperature protectors that take care of the safety of your heater as well as your entire family. The heater will be stopped automatically whenever it is overly heated.
  • The heating elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern so that the heater can provide even heating across the targeted area. You don’t require any batteries to operate it because of its electric power source.


4. Broan Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Fan-Forced-Wall-HeaterBroan-NuTone is popular to improvise the indoor environment. It also tries to preserve the outdoor environment by its smart implementing procedures. This heater has a low-profile design that provides floor-level heat from a location that does not come on the way. It is UL listed for safety and shuts off at the time of overheating.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Its white grille has an enamel finish that protects the heater. Its one-piece design is durable and long-lasting. The quiet and thermally protected motor automatically shuts off in the event of overheating.
  • The heater doesn’t have a built-in Thermostat. The heater controls temperature with an optional line voltage thermostat or timer, and its transverse blower circulates heated air for optimal room warming.
  • Its vertical louvers distribute heat evenly across the width of the grille with the house width of 18 inches. You can set the timer for 15-minutes or 60-minutes to control the heater. It is simple and the most convenient.
  • It does not need the extended warm-up time because of the efficient steel sheathed, plate-finned heating element. These features provide comfortable heat in seconds and make your environment cozier.
  • It is intended to provide supplemental heat from a wall location and not to take the place of a home’s primary heat source. You can install it in the toll booths or checkout counters where ducting is not possible.


5. Quiet Under Cabinet Electric Toe Kick Heater

Under Cabinet Electric HeaterThis electric toe kick heater from Marley can be installed under cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, or any other place where you need floor-level warmth. By investing in Quiet Under Cabinet Toe Kick Heater, you can get a quiet instrument that can provide even heat. The finned heating element, made with the steel plate, is arranged in a uniform grid pattern. It comes in an unobtrusive package that saves wall and floor space.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Because of its compact size, it can be recessed into the risers of a stairway or the vanity as a bathroom heater. It comes with an easy to use front-mounted built-in thermostat 45°- 85°F for total room comfort.
  • Its 1500 watts fan heats quickly and quietly a 150 Sq. Ft. room in winter. It is popular to deliver comfortable heat in seconds. Its built-in, single-pole thermostat helps in setting the temperature to your desired level.
  • Its cross-flow blower limits the sound output without compromising its power. It is small in size and works best to keep the room warmest. The finned heating element is arranged in a way that provides even heating.
  • This easy-to-install electric toe kick heater is also cost-effective. Its dimensions are 15.4 x 8.9 x 3.6 inches, and the item weight is 10.6 pounds. As it is black in color, you can set it anywhere without compromising the look of your interior.
  • It raised the heater a few inches up to eliminate the vibration on the tile. You will only need two wires to power the heater. One is neutral white, and another is hot black. However, you still need to wire a built-in thermostat.


There are various types of heating systems used in homes today, and the wall heater is the most convenient heating unit. Now that you know about multiple products let’s understand how to install such heaters.

Installing a Kickspace Heater

Installing a Kickspace Heater

Step 1: Measure the width of the heater. It would help if you did it behind the outer lip. The lip on both sides will stop the heater from going into the hole entirely.

Step 2: Take measurements of the base plate or toe-kick. Put some marks or draw a line for accuracy.

Step 3: Cut out and remove the toe-kick using a reciprocating saw. Do not overcut and follow the lines where you drew the measurement.

Step 4: Find out the nearest electrical outlet and drill holes through the jambs. Slowly and steadily, move forward to space where you decided to plug in the kick space heater. 

Step 5: To access the back of the cabinet jambs, reach to the space to drill the holes and stuff the drop cord. Drill down vertically through the bottom shelf.

Step 6: Slide the kick space heater halfway into the opening. Reach behind and take the cord up through the hole. Here, it is essential to leave a few inches of slack in the cable.

Step 7: Slide the heater inside. Do not stop until the lids of both sides stop the heater from going further into the hole.

Step 8: Screw the lip on both sides. You will also find pre-drilled holes through the lip to fix it. Once it’s done, plug in the heater and check the temperature control.

I hope you liked this article and it has helped you to choose the best electric toe kick heater for your home. We tried to be more informative so that you can find all the information from the same article. Stay tuned for such updates and till then, keep investing in good stuff for a better life. 🙂

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