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Is Kerosene Heater Cheaper Than Electric: Know Which is Cheaper to Use

With winters approaching every household is worried about a solution that would cater to their lighting solutions. There are mainly two types of heaters that are popular. Well both of them come with their share of benefits and drawbacks.

In this blog, we have done kerosene vs electric heater for you and will help you to differentiate between two heaters and choose the heater for yourself. 

Types of Heaters

Depending on the requirements, there are two types of heaters. 

Kerosene Heater:

Kerosene Heater

Kerosene heaters burn with the help of kerosene and burn very intensely. It can catch fire easily and can produce more heat. Kerosene heaters are best if you need to use the heater for a short time and perfect for winters. If you are looking for a heater to use outdoors, then kerosene heaters are the best.

Electric Heater:

Electric Heater for small room

Electric heaters use the electric current to produce heat. It usually takes time to heat up and is not perfect to be used up in a hurry. It is ideal for indoors and takes time to heat the room. If you are looking for a heater for home usage, then electric heaters can do them justice. 

Where to Use the Heater? 

Now the first thing to keep in mind is where you need to use the heater. For instance, kerosene heaters are perfect for campings and professional site meetings because they can emit more heat. Also, they don’t have any power source; therefore, kerosene heaters are perfect for places with no power sources. On the other hand, electric heaters are ideal for indoors or garden. 

How Long to Use?

The heater usage depends upon your requirements; for instance, an electric heater can run for a more extended period of time as it is backed up by electricity. An electric heater can heat a specific area after some time. On the other hand, kerosene heaters are best for a short period as they quickly warm-up space and therefore make a perfect choice for winters. 

Is Kerosene Heater Cheaper than Electric? 

This is the central question that has been harboring around in this kerosene heater vs electric heater blog, and now we will finally answer this question!

Yes, a kerosene heater is cheaper than an electric heater both in purchasing expenditure and usage expenditure. Yes, you heard it right! Kerosene heaters are affordable and cost less on usage. Whereas, electric heaters cost more generally and even more during the use as electricity per unit is so much more when it comes to billing. 

The Bottom Line

Depending on various factors, we can confidently conclude that both the heaters are perfect when used in different situations. We are going to answer two FAQs that are commonly put up by the consumers.  



1. Are Kerosene Heaters Safe to Use Indoors?

Now you see, kerosene heaters burn with constant and open flames and therefore should not be used in rooms where there are substances that are likely to catch fire. Therefore, always remember to keep all the flammable solvents like aerosol sprays, gasoline, any oil.

2. Are Kerosene Heaters Fumes Terrible for You? 

Well, it is highly recommended to keep the room well ventilated and if you don’t have proper ventilation, then slightly open the doors and windows. Fuel is highly toxic and can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Also, don’t forget to keep the kerosene heater clean and use good quality kerosene. 

After all our research, we can say that you should go for kerosene heaters if you are looking for a cheap and effective heating device. Kerosene heaters are best as they can last longer than electric heaters and are more efficient.

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