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Best Wood Stove for Garage – Top 5 Wood Stove Reviews

The garage is the space where we spend time to do DIY experiments, car repairs or conduct some small workshops. You may not want to make your body shiver during winters while doing some critical work, but you need something extra to keep your work area warm. If you are going through such a situation, then you need the best wood burning stove

However, before purchasing a garage wood stove, it is crucial to consider the below-mentioned factors. 

  1. Coverage: It is essential to ensure adequate coverage of the stove before you purchase the stove. Every stove does offer total footage regarding the unit can heat, therefore consider it.
  2. Design: Wooden garage stoves come in modern, portable, and traditional styles; therefore, you can choose from them accordingly.
  3. Efficiency: Each wood stove burns wood differently; therefore, make sure how long the furnace will burn with the woods.
  4. Heat Output: Make sure your garage stove has adequate heat output. Usually, the stove model advertises the maximum heat output in BTUs; therefore, make sure to consider it.

To find the perfect best wood stove for your garage, we researched through numerous garage products, forums, videos, blogs, and reviews. Then we compiled this exclusive list of the most recommended and best products and eliminated those products which didn’t have great customer reviews. The products mentioned below have been cut to be in our list of best garage wood stoves.

Best Wood Stove for Garage

1. Drolet HT3000

Drolet HT3000Drolet’s high-efficiency wood stove is one of the best wood stoves. It is designed to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency. This wood heater has an efficiency rate of 78% because of the brick-lined firebox that encases the fuel while the flame burns. When the log is finished, the ashes get collected in a large drawer, which is under the carriage of the stove. Also, if you are looking for a whole night bonfire fun, then there is nothing to worry about because this stove can accept logs up to 22″ in length. This stove is perfect for garages where there is little or no partition. It can heat an area of 2,700 ft effectively and maintain the temperature for many hours. 

  • It can replace the previous legendary model Drolet HT 2000.

  • Drolet HT30000 can accept logs up to 22 inches up to 10 hours. 

  • It is eligible for a $300 biomass stove credit and has a lifetime warranty. 

  • It has a maximum heat output of 110,000 BTU/h and is certified for installations. 

  •  According to EPA’s new standards, it has an average emission rate of 1.32 g/h.

  • It is very expensive. 

  • It is heavy in weight.


2. Ashley Hearth AW 1120E-P 

Ashley Hearth AW1120E-PThe AW 1120E-P from Ashely Hearth products is a garage wood stove with an airtight fireplace that will improve the efficiency of the fireplace. The fireplace meets the stringent requirements laid down by EPA “Step 2” 2020 certification guidelines. It has a heavy door made with cast iron, and a cool touch of the wood handle with air washed ceramic glass, which allows a fantastic view of burning fire. It is surrounded by a hearth to fully enclose the fireplace and is equipped with spring-loaded automation for a little breeze. 

  • It has a firebrick lined for long life and combustion efficiency. 

  • It comes with a large ash pan with a brushed nickel handle. 

  • It can accept logs up to 18 inches in length and is easy to clean. 

  • The blower of model CB36 or B36 is sold separately.

  • It has an elegant look with a brushed nickel spring door handle and pedestal base.

  • It is not approved for home installations. 

  • It has a heavy gauge 3/16 plate steel with a fire brick lining.


3. Hy-C MH-6R Magic Heat reclaimer 

HY-C MH-6RHy-C MH- 6R magic heat reclaimer is the only UL-listed heat reclaimer on the market. It distributes the lost heat in your home by only using .31 amp of power. It is perfectly designed for heating appliances with inside flue temperature exceeding 350 degrees. The bottom crimp design makes this unit perfect for wood burning heating applications that contain any creosote within the chimney. It can be installed between 12 and 24 inches from the appliance flue outlet using a single wall. 

  • It is the only UL-listed heat reclaimer in the market and reclaims up to 30%. 

  • It is built with crimp down configuration specially designed for wood burning.

  • It can be plugged into any standard 110 V household outlet with a toggle switch. 

  • It has a removable back, making it easy to maintain, and fits a 6″ flue diameter. 

  • It has built-in soot scraper clean tubes internally, which allows max heat transfer.

  • Sometimes it starts smelling like it is overheating.

  • You need to order adapter pipes along with them.


4. Guide Gear Large outdoor wood stove

Guide Gear Wood StoveAre you looking for a small or portable garage wood stove? Well then, look no further! Guide gear outdoor wood stove is your choice. This best small wood stove is perfect for your garage as it is designed for long-lasting durability and has an attached chimney. The chimney pipe perfectly works outside. The door of the wood stove is designed to hook tight and comes with a low-heat metal wood stove to make sure the burning compartment doesn’t scandalize your hands. The whole unit is mounted on four heavy-duty legs. This wood stove is a powerhouse heater that will keep you and your garage warm. 

  • It has a 2-millimeter galvanized steel firebox with an adjustable vent. 

  • It has a high-temperature finish with a front-hinged rigid cast iron door. 

  • It has a top platform where you can keep things like a coffee mugshot. 

  • It has a fiberglass gasket, which is essential for an airtight seal. 

  • It comes with a cool-touch coiled handle and adjustable damper.

  • The installation process is complicated. 

  • It requires a lot of extra parts to set up.


5. England’s Stove 

England's StoveEngland’s stove portable camp/cookstove is a portable garage wood stove with 5 hours of burning time. It is built with an exclusive Hexa tech technology and looks fantastic. It can be easily transported and can be stored with a removable fit inside stove legs. Its temperature can be controlled efficiently by circular draft and air redirect design. 

  • It includes a room air blower and a sizeable fire-view window.

  • It can accept logs up to 16 inches and is EPA certified. 

  • It has a European style design and has convection channels. 

  • It has a heavy steel iron door with hidden hinges. 

  • It includes outside hookup, which is great for mobile homes.

  • The manufacturer’s stickers ruin the paint job. 

  • This garage stove comes without stove pipes.


Just Warming Up! – Conclusion 

Selecting the best wood burning stove for a garage can be a tedious job and can be the hardest decision to make as it includes a lot of technical variables. It is essential to choose a high-quality wood stove for your garage, especially if you want to survive the cold weather. 

We have mentioned two FAQs that are frequently asked by the shoppers. 


1. Can I put a wood stove in the garage?

Yes, a wood stove can be installed on a fireproof surface, and a concrete garage slab is optimal. 

2. How far should the wood stove be from the wall? 

If you don’t use any wall protection, then the stove must be spaced out at least 36 inches from the wall.

All the wood stove heaters we have mentioned above are recommended by us and are suitable for all kinds of needs. These options are best according to the heating requirements and are ideal for various budgets. 

But if you want us to ask which one from the above is the best, then Drolet HT3000 on Pedesta-High-efficiency 2020 EPA certified wood stove DB07300 is our choice because it offers excellent features with nearly no cons. 

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