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Best Thermostat for Hot Water Baseboard Heat – Top 5 Experts’ Choice

Having an excellent heating system and a thermostat is essential for the winters. The system, along with the thermostat, helps in regulating the temperature inside your home. There are many types of heating systems available today, right from central heating to hot water baseboard heating. Opting for such thermostats that work well with water baseboard heat is a smart choice as it helps regulate the boiler’s function for heating up the water. This way, you can efficiently control the temperature of the home by controlling the temperature of the water that circulates inside your home. 

The thermostats that are specifically meant for regulating the temperature for hot water baseboard heat help maintain the desired temperature throughout the day and detect the small temperature changes. To help you find some of the top-rated and value for money thermostats for your home, we have curated a list of best thermostats for hot water baseboard heat that works efficiently to regulate the temperature and keep up with the heating system

Best Thermostat for Hot Water Baseboard Heat

1. Orbit Thermostat

Orbit 83521The leading choice for getting an excellent quality thermostat for many buyers is this one from Orbit. It has a contemporary design that will complement your decor and look appealing. The thermostat has an early start mode that helps achieve the desired temperature at the programmed time, thus making it easy for you to regulate temperature without adjusting settings daily. It is basically a one-stage thermostat that works well with oil, gas, or electric furnaces, two-wire hot water systems, central heating and cooling systems, central AC, and more. The manufacturers also mention that it is built using energy-efficient technology and thus doesn’t consume much energy.

  • This thermostat features 7-day programmability so that you can program each day with up to a maximum of four periods per day. This feature eliminates the need for manually adjusting the thermostat daily.

  • The thermostat has a backlit LCD screen, which is easy-to-read and can be easily seen from across the room. 

  • It gives accurate temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • Orbit thermostat also has the feature of copy and paste where you can copy the programmed day and program it for another day.

  • It also features a five-minute compressor protection period that aids in preventing the short cycle on A/C compressors and heat pumps.

  • Some buyers have complained that the thermostat is too sensitive to minor temperature changes.


2. Mysa Smart Thermostat

Mysa Smart ThermostatIf you are looking for a smart thermostat that is easy to operate and affordable, then this option will be the right fit for you. One can connect this thermostat to their smartphone via mobile applications and regulate the temperature conveniently. There is an option of managing homes by multiple users. It can also be connected to tablets via apps and check on the temperature in the house. This smart thermostat has a sleek and minimal design that can enhance your room’s interior subtly

  • One can easily install this thermostat in 15 minutes by themselves following a step-by-step guide.

  • It is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit. Thus you can connect your thermostat to these devices and automate the heating system of your house.

  • The thermostat can work with electric baseboard heaters, self-contained baseboard heaters,, and even in-ceiling radiant heaters.

  • This thermostat by Mysa helps you save 26% on your electricity bill as it uses energy efficiently.

  • It has smart features such as vacation mode, where it saves energy when nobody is at home. 

  • The Geolocation feature of this thermostat uses your house’s location to detect if there is someone at your home to help you save energy.

  • Many users have complained about tech support’s unavailability from the manufacturers in case of any queries or problems.



3. Emerson Thermostat

Emerson 1E78-140The next option on this list for getting a thermostat for hot water baseboard heat is this one by Emerson. It is a single-stage thermostat that comes with a large LED screen to read the temperature readings. One can easily install this thermostat with the help of instructions given on the package of the thermostat. You will require 2 AA batteries for setting up this thermostat but trust us, once set, it can work well for years. The buyers are pleased with this thermostat due to its ease of use, price point, and overall performance. One can also install this thermostat in RV or near fireplaces as it is a non-programmable and low-voltage thermostat. 

  • One can easily read its digital display as the screen has a backlight.

  • This thermostat is compatible with single-stage heating systems only and works effectively in regulating the temperature.

  • This thermostat offers precise control of +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Emerson thermostat is compatible with using on 24 volts and millivolts systems.

  • This thermostat is not compatible with electric baseboard heat and other systems.

  • As it is a non-programmable thermostat, one has to adjust the temperature in their homes manually.


4. Honeywell Nonprogrammable Thermostat

Honeywell TH1100DV1000If you are particularly looking for a thermostat that operates on a low voltage, then you can also opt for this thermostat by Honeywell. This company, Honeywell, is renowned for its extensive range of thermostats in different variants. This one operates explicitly on 24 volts and operates on batteries as well as electricity. It has two buttons that can be used to set the desired temperature. This thermostat has received several positive reviews from its buyers and users due to its ease of use and affordable price. The buyers have also recommended it for use in travel trailers as it can operate on a battery source. 

  • The thermostat has a unique feature where one can adjust the temperature between 40 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • One can easily install this thermostat as it has a 2-wire hookup setup. 

  • This heat only thermostat offers one-touch access for the setpoint temperature. 

  • As this thermostat has a backlit display, one can easily read it.

  • It comes with built-in compressor protection to ensure the safety of users.

  • The thermostat displays the measured temperature all the time.

  • Some buyers complained about the issues they faced after installing the thermostat.


5. Honeywell Digital Thermostat

Honeywell - TL8230A1003The last option on this list is also from the brand of Honeywell, but this is a digital thermostat having a different working mechanism than the one mentioned above. The USP of this product is that it is seven-day programmable, which means you can pre-set the program schedule for your thermostat. Buyers have liked this thermostat as one doesn’t need to monitor the thermostat every now and then. It also provides electronic temperature control that can help you save 10% on heating bills. 

  • It has a quiet operation and also doesn’t produce much sound on clicking on the thermostat.

  • This thermostat can help save up to 20%  energy and cut down your electricity bills.

  • The early start feature of the thermostat ensures that the programmed temperature is reached by the programmed time.

  • It has a large, clear, and backlit display to know the readings with ease. 

  • The thermostat has a standard temperature setting range from 40 degrees to 80 degrees F.

  • A lot of buyers are not satisfied with the overall quality of this particular thermostat from Honeywell.


Concluding Remarks

The list has various types of options, right from smart thermostats to programmable ones. You can choose the one that best suits your criteria and preference. Before buying or opting for any of the options mentioned above, make sure to go through the power source, the voltage it needs to operate, and other features. Most of these options are in an affordable range and also help you in saving energy and cutting down your expenses. Looking over the features, we liked the second option- Mysa Smart Thermostat, as it is relatively easy to manage the heating system even when you are not at home. 

We hope that this list of best thermostats for hot water baseboard heat helps you find the ideal thermostat for your home. Let us know which one did you like and buy in the comments below.

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