Can I Have Two Modems in My House

Can I Have Two Modems in My House? Is It Possible? (Bust The Myth)

Whether it is at home or in the office, we all want the best possible Internet connection. And, why not? Our livelihood directly or indirectly depends on it. Plus, at home, we use it for regular surfing, socializing, keeping in touch with trends, etc. However, it so happens sometimes that the Internet speed is not great and/or it doesn’t reach all the areas of the house. In such cases we wonder – Can I have two modems in my house?

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AT & T fiber and google fiber

Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber – Detailed comparison of Internet services

AT&T has been around for many years and for the majority of its existence, it was among the best. Not many internet services gave it steady competition and thus, it was the go-to for most users. However, in recent times, Google Fiber has emerged as a strong opponent. AT&T Fiber has finally found its match – or has it? Our detailed comparison of these two providers will help you understand which one to go with.

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Best Router for Chromecast

Best Router for Chromecast: Top 5 Routers for Streaming

Want to enjoy the best experience while streaming on your Chromecast? Worry not! We have got your back. After intensive research on various products available in the market, here we have collected a list of the best wifi router for streaming TV. To make things simpler for you we will get you through all the aspects you might need to consider when buying one.

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