Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber – Detailed comparison of Internet services

AT&T has been around for many years and for the majority of its existence, it was among the best. Not many internet services gave it steady competition and thus, it was the go-to for most users. However, in recent times, Google Fiber has emerged as a strong opponent. AT&T Fiber has finally found its match – or has it? Our detailed comparison of these two providers will help you understand which one to go with.

Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber

AT&T FiberLet’s start with the veteran and see why it should still be a consideration for you. Of course, it has the gigabit package, which is the main attraction. However, if you want to go with lower speeds, you can pick the 100 Mbps or the 300 Mbps plan. Here are a few more details:

  • AT&T is available almost everywhere in the country. It also has DSL services, which have helped it reach far and wide within no time.
  • If you are looking for bundles and packages beyond just TV and Internet, you will like AT&T better. It has multiple products that you can bundle and get a good price on.
  • Installation is straight-forward and affordable but you will have to pay additional for the router and equipment.

What we don’t like

The most significant downside of AT&T is its pricing structure. The prices are quite high and you will need to pay a monthly fee for the equipment as well. Another thing we dislike is that the slower plans have a data cap. Only the gigabit plan offers unlimited data.

Google Fiber

Google FiberWhat does the new player in the market have in store for us? Well, it offers gigabit packages just like AT&T, which means that they are both on a level playing field. Besides that, there are a few more interesting things that you should know:

  • Google Fiber has multiple affordable plans. It is much cheaper than AT&T despite having increased its prices in the recent past. Also, it does not charge a fee for installation or equipment.
  • If you want a slower plan, you can choose the 100 Mbps package. This one is suitable for daily usage and regular work. We love the fact that even its slower plan offers unlimited data. There’s no cap to worry about with Google Fiber.
  • Google has kept up its good name even in the Internet sector. Even though telecom companies are not particularly known for great customer service, Google has broken the barrier. Users are extremely happy with the support they provide and we think this is crucial because Internet is a long-term commitment. 

What we don’t like

It breaks our heart to say this but even Google Fiber is not perfect. It has a few cons that you should know about.

First of all, since it is new, it is not available everywhere. In fact, at the moment, it is present in less than 20 cities in the country. Also, if you are looking for bundle packages, you won’t find anything beyond TV and Internet. 

FeatureAT&T FiberGoogle Fibervs Google Fiber
Internet speed
Customer satisfaction

AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber – The winner

After going through all the pros and cons, we think it is safe to say that there’s no winner here! Both the services have their ups and downs and that is why, the final choice depends on what matters more to you. If availability is important, you must choose AT&T. If Google Fiber is available in your location and you prefer more affordable services, Google is definitely the way to go. 


Here are a few questions on this topic.

1) Is AT&T Fiber any good?

Yes. It is one of the top Internet services at the moment.

2) Is Google Fiber really that fast?

Yes, it provides seamless gigabit speeds.

3) Does Google Nest work with AT&T?

Yes, it does.

4) How much is Google Fiber monthly?

Google Fiber gigabit will cost you around $70 per month.

5) Is Google Fiber going out of business?

Last year, Google ended its TV service but high speed Internet is still on. 

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